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I'm born and raised in Charleston, SC and that means I get beautiful beaches, mountains within a days drive, pink sunsets, creek kayaking, and the chance to know what it feels like to live in a Nicholas Sparks story. :)

Have you ever seen Dear John or The Notebook? Yeah, those were mostly filmed in Charleston! Last weekend we went to an oyster roast at Bowen's Island, which is one of my favorite places in Charleston. I used to spend every weekend fishing out there and drawing my name all over the restaurant (like everyone else!). Bowen's Island Restaurant is quite the dive type of place, but that's okay because their focus is on good food and fun.

Bowen's Island Restaurant (right through those ^ doors) is where John and Savannah had their first date (called the Shrimp Shack in the book/movie). I was such a geek in the theatre when I saw them walk through those doors. Kent and I had visited to write our names on the place only a few months before it was filmed. Nice timing!

At the time that Dear John came out in theatres, we had a few funny similarities...
- We were preparing for Kent to be deployed to Afghanistan (he ended up not going, but we didn't know at the time)
- I actually graduated from the College of Charleston, where Savannah attends
- I even drove the SAME Jetta as her while attending CofC
- And of course... all of Charleston!

Not the most amazing coincidences, but we thought they were funny. :)

Okay, now for some Bowen's Island eye candy...

So simple!

I just loved this door and the hardware for some reason!

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