Day Date Part I: Down by the Docks

Last Saturday Kent and I had the rare pleasure of being sans J for the whole day. I'm talking 10am-8pm of no diapers or demands, except for mine... my demands, not diapers. I'm potty trained.

I love Charleston. Have I said that enough already? I LOVE Charleston.


We were off to a late start to have a noon breakfast at our favorite downtown place. It's located in the City Marina, so afterwards we took a "sort of breaking the rules" walk along the docks.

If you go there and take a walk around the docks and someone asks you which boat is yours, be truthful... "We don't have a boat here but have been thinking about buying one and figured we'd browse a little after breakfast. We are also curious if this marina is better than the Ashley.." No need to specify that you are thinking of buying one in 10+ years when you may or may not have the money to afford it then! No, I don't feel bad about that- we aren't there to hurt anything/one, just a couple walking through. :)

Don't get caught taking pictures of yourselves and boats...

Lowcountry Hasbrowns... hash browns, onions, eggs, shrimp, and hollandaise sauce. YUM!!!

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 I promise my dress was not this short...
oh salty, delicious, "make my dress ride up" wind.

This yacht's name is "Dream On" ... I kid you not.

Check back tomorrow for Part II!!! Here's a refresher of where we went.

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  1. Love the dress (not too short, lol)!

    I love how your pic moves!



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