The McConougheys

Hello DIY/Decor/Natural Living/Organization/Craft lovers! You have come to the right place! We're the McConougheys. Don't even bother trying to say it or spell it- unless you are in Scotland or Ireland you'll get it wrong 99% of the time. We take no offense though. It's a very long 11 letters! :)

I have lots to share and many posts coming up, but for now I'd like to introduce my family to you.

I'm Alison! I'm 26 years old, working full-time in the defense industry (for now), am married to my best-friend (2.5 years), the foster-momma to one super cute kid, and love creativity and arts. I'm a closet tree hugger and I think it's about time I came out about it! Over the years I have had my fair share of panicky moments over too much water usage or trying to decide which new "green" product to try next. I recently found a solution to that second dilemma when I began using Shaklee products and am so pumped about them that I just want to share Shaklee with the whole world!

I'm on a mission to make life as beautiful and natural as possible as a suburban, modern wife and mom. My McHome is your McHome. With a little bit of inspired living I hope my great-great-great-great grandkids can say the same.

That's Kent. :) It sounds so cheesy to say, but he complements me in all the best ways. He knows when it's time to take a break when all I want to do it stay up till 3am working. He knows how to break down my A-type personality and make me have fun. He knows the creative, nature loving, artsy side of me that I don't get to express as much as I would like. He supports me in everything I do in life and is the most amazing best-friend I never even imagined. And I've heard a rumor that he says equally sweet things about me. :)

Last but never least...

This is J. Kent and I began fostering at the age of 25 because we felt that God was calling us to do so. We will have our own biological children at some point in time; however for now we are more than happy to spend our days and nights laughing with this giggle-box-blessing. J was placed with us in January 2011 and we are working on adopting him. Until his then, his name and face cannot be shown and pictures of him will be very minimal, unless they are old. :( No worries- I have hundreds of smiling pics for when that day comes!

Welcome to our new beginning...

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