Just Keep Priming

We have spent the last week and a half priming, priming, and priming. Our hard work is finally starting to show! I've been working on the trim and built-in shelves- that seems easy, but my hand is so tired. I finally finished the built-ins tonight and I am sooooo happy to be done with those for a few days!!!! It is more uncomfortable than you would first think to twist your back and turn your arm and stand on your tip toes to reach the insides of them!

I took these right before we left the house tonight... :)

The only thing that didn't need to be primed. I actually finished this last Tuesday night.
Yes, it's very dark, but you have to imagine it written on. I have wanted one for years and am so happy to finally have my very own kitchen chalk wall!!! :)

Question: The trim is of course painted black from the guys-
Do I paint the trim white to match the rest of our trim or leave it black on that wall?

Kent still has to prime the window boxes and the top shelves, but that's nothing! :)

That is actually only a second coat on the trim,
but it's funny how the light is making it look finished!

"A Boy and His Scaffolding"

Using a 2" brush we have done ALL of the trim- nothing special!
The first coat goes on awful and you think you're making a huge mistake trying to DIY.
The second coat goes on and you feel like a painting genius!

We used Valspar (the one for covering dark colors) and are now on to the 5gal bucket of Sherwin Williams Harmony Primer. I think Harmony is covering better, but it seems to splatter a little more. Just my opinion. :)

OMGosh! These are so difficult to paint!!!!

Well that's all for now. :) I'm happy with our progress and we're pretty sure we will be done with the priming this weekend so that is reaLLy exciting!!!

Next I'll be sharing the Sherwin Williams colors we have chosen. I'm nervous about a couple of them, but I think they are worth giving a try! :)

The only other rooms to paint are the kitchen, our bedroom, parts of our bathroom, the ceiling (um yeah) of the 2nd bath, and the FROG. None of those are that difficult and the kitchen and 2nd bath involves some stencils that I'm loving!


Oops- I've Been at our New McHome!

Remember me? :) We bought a house!!! Last Monday... and we have been painting for hours and hours and hours ever since. I'm not complaining though because it's my house and all. :)

The seller's realtor stopped by while we were painting tonight. She was shocked that we were since so many people apparently turned down the home due to the dark paint colors everywhere. (It def looked good with those guys' stuff, but just not ours.) Not us though! We figured we'd be painting no matter where we ended up and I'm happy to paint for this home!

You can see the before here... We Have a McHome {almost}

Welcome to our McHome!

Back view of our home- you can see our garden and fence with muscadine grapes. :)

We're actually even further along than that, but I left my camera at the house. We aren't moving in for another month, so we are taken advantage of every minute we have to paint, paint, and paint. Btw, that is just primer on the wall. We have nice light blues, aquas, tans, etc... from Sherwin Williams picked out. :)

Tonight we rented scaffolding (only $46/month!) so that helped Kent a lot on the top molding. It's coming along! We both just keep telling ourselves that it's going to be SOOOO worth it when we move in, everything is done, and we can throw a party to show off our new home! :) Really looking forward to that!

More pictures to come and I'll try to find more time for the blog this week. For all the time I'm not here, I have some awesome DIYs, Before&Afters, and designs to make up for it later!!!!!


WB: Loaded, Low-Cal Melba Toast

Hi! If you follow along on FB, you might already know that I've been a bit MIA due to a wedding (family in town), a funeral, and a computer virus. I'm back though and have one of our favorite weekend breakfast treats to share with y'all!

These take no time at all, give you a helping of spinach that you barely taste, and are super yummy. Little boy and husband approved! :)

What you need:
Melba Toast (found at most grocery stores that I know of)
Provolone Cheese Slices

Spread a spoonful of spinach on the Melba Toast
and then sprinkle some bacon on top.

Place 1/2 a slice of cheese on each piece.
Bake on 350 degrees until cheese is melted (~7 minutes).

Convincing Kent to eat spinach is no easy chore, but with a little bit of bacon and cheese on top- he was all for it! I'm sure most of you feel the same way. :)

Caloric Breakdown: ~50 calories each
Melba Toast= 20 calories
Light Provolone= 5 calories
Bacon= 5 calories
Spinach= not enough for me to bother adding

Kent claims to need 4 of them to feel full- I'm good with only 2. Either way you are looking at only 100-200 calories for a breakfast that even packs a punch of spinach!

What's your favorite ingredient in this breakfast?

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