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Did you know that Goodwill is actually a swanky boutique? Well apparently it is here in Charleston.
I'm telling you- life is gorgeous in Charleston!

And why am I going to call Goodwill a boutique from now on? Because the lady by me in the home decor/furniture area told the person on her cell phone, "I'm at the boutique and..."

*Quick look away! She'll see your snickering at her conversation!*

She proceeded to tell the caller about a sweet Little Tikes trike that they had there for way cheaper than the one at Walmart. Those Charleston boutiques and there love for stocking plastic trikes. Gotta love them.

So with that one encounter my whole life is changed. Would you like to go Goodwill boutique shopping with me next time? I find really awesome things... like a really ugly picture with a really awesome frame that I posted on Facebook and this tattered, old, wonderful, DIY-heaven of a chair that was marked down to a glorious $15.95. (Not $16- it's $15.95 because every good boutique knows the old marketing trick of using odd numbers.)

It definitely needs some love, but it didn't take more than 30 seconds for me to know exactly what I want to do to it! I thought it would be months before I could afford a nice desk chair to complete the office makeover. Not any more! :) Some sanding, staining, painting, re-studding, and sewing are in order.

Also in order: 1. Get home before dark so I can take better pictures. 2. Buy a white sheet so I don't have to make Kent hold a rug up and call it a back drop.


Office Makeover

So, I've been a bad blogger. A lot of it has to do with me not liking my office. I'll have to get a "before" picture tonight- you'll be stunned. It's moving mahem and it's been that way since June. I hate going up there so I don't want to stay there long enough to blog or work or do anything more than pay bills and that's only so I don't go to jail. :)

On Friday I was sitting in the Charleston airport writing down goals and #1 was to CLEAN MY OFFICE. The only problem is that I'm an office snob. I've always had one and have always dreamed of having a well designed and organized one upon buying a home. So "clean" in my mind means "designed" too. That brings another problem to work around- money so I can love the space and want to be in there!

In comes a huge blessing from a family member upon returning on Monday, specifically for our new home. Holy moly I'm still in shock. I am so excited. And I have Kent's blessing to go to town on my story board for the room.

It's going to be a dual space for Kent and I to watch movies in or for Kent to read while I'm working. I don't like being cut off from him when I'm in the FROG (finished room over the garage), so it needed to fit both of us.... eeeeekkk! So excited!!!

Craiglist Leather Loveseat / Retro Accent Chairs / Whiskey Barrel Table / Spray Paint for Desk /
Herringbone Multi Rug / Bookcases / Drop Cloth Curtains

What do you think??? :) It's so bold and industrial! I can't wait to get started!



Pot of Good and Plenty- Last Minute Birthday Gift

This was posted at House of Grace over the weekend, but I also wanted to post here in case you missed it! :)

Actually, Kent ate all of the Good and Plenty, but nevertheless- this DIY B-day gift is so easy and everyone oohd and aaad over my 5 minutes of easy work!

You may have seen some similar ones floating around Pinterest. I was in search for an easy B-day gift for a father/daughter same-birthday pair and this was definitely the jackpot. My best-friend's dad likes Burger King so I reluctantly gave into that and her now 17 year old sister loves iTunes- all I needed was some candy!

What you need: candy/ optional gift cards / skewers / hot glue gun / pot / floracraft block / moss

1. Hot glue skewers to the back of each candy box / 2. Place foam square in pot / 3. Cover square with moss / 4. Place largest box in back middle /
5. Arrange from there!

So easy! I'll definitely be remaking this one for Kent on his B-day although I'll be subbing mini bottles for him. :) I also saw one with cigars for a new dad! So many possibilities...

Be sure to follow along or keep up with the fun in real-time on Facebook!


Pardon My Absence

I've let the wheels turn in my brain for the past month. This blogspot blog is only a temporary home... I have higher ambitions. I've noticed things that I absolutely love about some blogs lately and I've purchased www.makingamchome.com - It's a wreck though! Wordpress and I are having a lovers quarrel.

As soon as we make up... prepare to be dazzled. Seriously, my brain hurts these ideas are so awesome.

In the mean time, please know that I love you and that I'll always be here for you... on Facebook, of course!

And here... Pinner for life.

Well, it's past time for some sleep. I'm traveling to Texas tomorrow (maybe corny, but totally a dream I've always had to go to Texas!) and I'm crossing this dream off thanks to and with my Dream Team ladies. Have any dreams of your own that you'd like to cross of with us?

I'll be back. No really, I'm guest posting at House of Grace Friday so I'll be sharing that with y'all next week! :)

Don't forget to jump over to the McHome Facebook for some extra fun every day!!!

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