Monday Goodies

I've been eyeing these all weekend.
Two I want to buy. One I want to DIY.

Aura Headpiece

On sale and so cute for Fall...


Day Date Part II: The Notebook Knock-Off

Hi again! Ready to finish planning your dream Charleston date? Even if you aren't in Charleston- get around your town! Get out! Have fun! :)

For the second part of our date we made the treak out to Cypress Gardens and it was SO worth it!

Tour the butterfly house first! They flutter all around you. :)

Bees making honey that they sell there. So cool.

Then get your booty on a self-guided tour of the cypress swamps!

The pretty lilly pads.
True Story: The ducks you see in the Notebook were imported, trained ducks for the movie.
In real life there are alligators around. :) Don't freak out though, they won't bother you!

We loved every minute of it and got back just in time to run to the car before the Charleston afternoon sky fell out, like the rain in the movie, it happens almost every summer afternoon here.

After that we saw The Campaign (too funny!) and ate dinner at a Gene's.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Day Date Part I: Down by the Docks

Last Saturday Kent and I had the rare pleasure of being sans J for the whole day. I'm talking 10am-8pm of no diapers or demands, except for mine... my demands, not diapers. I'm potty trained.

I love Charleston. Have I said that enough already? I LOVE Charleston.


We were off to a late start to have a noon breakfast at our favorite downtown place. It's located in the City Marina, so afterwards we took a "sort of breaking the rules" walk along the docks.

If you go there and take a walk around the docks and someone asks you which boat is yours, be truthful... "We don't have a boat here but have been thinking about buying one and figured we'd browse a little after breakfast. We are also curious if this marina is better than the Ashley.." No need to specify that you are thinking of buying one in 10+ years when you may or may not have the money to afford it then! No, I don't feel bad about that- we aren't there to hurt anything/one, just a couple walking through. :)

Don't get caught taking pictures of yourselves and boats...

Lowcountry Hasbrowns... hash browns, onions, eggs, shrimp, and hollandaise sauce. YUM!!!

online gif creator


 I promise my dress was not this short...
oh salty, delicious, "make my dress ride up" wind.

This yacht's name is "Dream On" ... I kid you not.

Check back tomorrow for Part II!!! Here's a refresher of where we went.

Marina Variety Store on Urbanspoon
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