Gift Ideas: Housewarming, Birthday, Engagement for ~$30 Each

Hi! My candy present post has been getting so much love on Pinterest lately and we have three parties to go to this weekend, so I thought I'd share some more gift ideas with y'all! Since I was a kid I have always been big into personalizing gifts and making them special. I like wrapping gifts differently and I kind of love gifts that you can see without wrapping. Anyone else like that? :)

Here's what I put together for this weekend's celebrations. Everything was bought at Target- check below the gifts for links! :) (If a link is to a search, it's because Target online didn't show the item. Sorry!)


(Idea seen here)

oven mitt / spoons / kitchen towels
Roll one of the towels up and shove it down the hand section. Then fold the other towel in 1/2 and place nicely at the top of the mitt. Make spoons fit in thumb section and hand and then slide the card in the back. My ribbon is extra from kitchen things we bought for out own home. Tie a bow and done! :) So simple, yet everyone will think your so creative!


(The party is "Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining" themed.)

salad spoons / kitchen towels / bowl
Place card at the bottom of the bowl. Roll towels up and criss-cross spoons on top. I also tear the tags off all of the spoons and place them under the towels. You will need wire-edged or otherwise thick ribbon to make the bow stay in place (if you don't want to use tape). And done! :)

 I LOVE the Natural Home bamboo spoons. We have a few in our home and they get used almost every day. They are some of the cheapest spoons, great quality, and make me feel good since they are advertised as sustainable products.
Not sure what they mean by that, but I'll take it! :)

Birthday Party:

(26, woman)

Loop the scarf through the bangles and roll up like a donut.
This flimsy wrapping paper is in the $1 section at Target right now.

scarf / stack bangles

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We're off to deliver these goodies and have fun with friends. :)

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