Online Kid's Thrift Store - ThredUp!

I am so excited to share this with you today! You may have seen me post about this site on McHome FB Page a week or two ago? Well, I ordered some clothes for J and I am in love with this online thrift store! Here's how it works...

Go to ThredUp! and search through thousands of barely used children's clothing! I've been wanting to gear J's wardrobe towards more simple clothes and less dinosaurs and dragons, so I needed something cheap and easy. (Sudden clothing inspiration via this amazing blog.)

I'm really picky when it comes to used clothing, so I was willing to give them a chance- no more aisles of stinky clothes and hours wasted to find 2 things!

Ralph Lauren / Osh Kosh / Carter's / Old Navy / Okie Dokie / Greendog

$33 Total!

Everything was in perfect condition! Sidenote: A friend of mine also ordered and was refunded a percentage on a couple items because they found the tiniest stains ever in one spot while packaging the clothing. That's amazing!

I'm in love with this little sweater...

Ready for the best part?

When you order your clothes, make sure to add a sell bag to your shipment. Put your best kiddo clothes size 12months+ into this prepaid bag and then drop it in the mail or a UPS box! They'll review them to make sure they're up to standards and then you get paid! :)

Happy Shopping!!!

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Toast of Charleston- Restaurant Review

(Review originally a guest post for Coupon Savings in the South)

Ready for another Charleston restaurant review? :)

Toast of Charleston is located on Meeting Street in downtown Charleston, SC. I've heard of it before but never knew anything about it. It was date night for Kent and I and we had a coupon, so of course we went! Dinner for 2 for the price of 1? Yes, please. :)

Now for the yumminess...

 The nice gentleman out front will greet you, seat you,
and make you feel like you're at your best-friend's home for dinner.

The menu has so many amazing choices!
I'll help you out- the crab dip isn't marked up to be anything special,
but I had to try it anyways- yeah, should have passed on it.
Everything else below was AMAZING!!!
The cheapest Riesling and soooo good.

She Crab Soup- Very worth sharing a cup.

Shrimp and Grits- This was better than I can describe and I just started liking grits in the last year (I know, the shame as a Charlestonian),
so I'm still pretty picky about them. Order it!
You are served so much that you can take some home and reheat it for breakfast- I was especially excited about that!
Pot Roast- Kent talked about how amazing this was for days.
After dinner we took a walk down Meeting Street and Broad. I love looking in all of the art gallery windows and admiring the Charleston iron work...

Toast will definitely be added to our regular date night rotation! We loved the laid-back atmosphere, Charleston goodness, very nice staff, great service, and of course the exceptional beauty of Charleston all around us. :)
Thanks again for having me here! If you want to keep up with more of our Charleston restaraunt reviews, cooking, house renovations, andso much more- follow along on the Blog or Facebook!
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Small Town Farmers Market- Fall

This post was published a year ago at my foster-blog (which is private) and since we're going to the same market to get our pumpkins this year,
I thought it would be fun to revisit its small town wonderfullness...

Do you have a favorite "side-of-the-road" farmers market that you love to stop by? We love when we have time to stroll through the big Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square, but stopping by the small one just up the street from us is much more convenient.

Whenever I'm really wanting some good produce or just want to roam and see what all is in season, we'll drop by for a few minutes. The one closest to us is open year-round, but they get big in the fall. Other vendors join in and the number of products is great! They also stay open later which I LOVE. And I like that they put up stuff for the kids and the rows of mums on pallets are set out.

Charleston was cool and overcast the whole weekend, so it was almost like Fall weather was really here. I was ready to take advantage of it! Time to explore! {Warning for slow browsers: Lots of pictures!}

Oh I see food within my reach!

Hey Boo Boo, what's in that picnic basket!?

We went simple on produce for the day.
Fruits, a pumpkin, a mum, jelly, and local honey. :)

Can I take this gourd home?

Oh and I spied this bench on the way out and fell in love!

Oh those pictures have me so excited to go again this year! If you're local, be sure to check it out- Main and 17 on Johns Island!


Fleet Landing- Charleston Nights

Hi there! Ready for another delicious food review???

Kent and I love having dinner in downtown Charleston! Fleet Landing followed by a walk at Waterfront Park is one of our favorite go-tos. This night was beautiful and we both wished that we had a few more hours to just walk around. Love those Charleston nights.

I let Kent have the river view and chose to admire their decor. Kent is fully on-board (pun intended) with me someday decorating a little boy's room with boat stuff. Life preserve wall is a necessity. :)

The food there can be hit and miss, but when you find something good on the menu, it is GOOD! Skip their bland crab dip and go for the gusto.

After that it was time for a walk!

If you're ever in Charleston, you should try Fleet Landing (and of course Waterfront Park!).
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