Blessing of the Vine- Irvin House Vineyards

Last month we attended the Blessing of the Vine at Irvin House Vineyards and it was so much fun! We LOVE going to every event possible there. If you are in the Charleston area, you have to make the drive out. :)

The Peach Bellinis were SOOOO good. (you can buy the mix there)

I wish I could show more pictures of him!!!
I have some gorgeous ones that don't even show his face,
but I don't want to rock any boats. :/


Fall Wedding at Carrigan Farms

Eye-candy pictures I took of my cousin's wedding!!!
They married at a quarry in North Carolina in October and it was GORGEOUS!!!!




Get Packing!- Toddler Travel Bin

Tis the Season! ... To travel. :)
Has your Holiday traveling begun? We've been up to North Carolina twice since October and have one more trip before the end of 2012.
I hear a lot of moms say, that along with the stress of being in a car for hours with the impatient kiddos, they hate packing! Well, I can't make your kids not be kids, but I can help you pack...
Get your bin cleared out and place it in the kiddos room. Now go hunt down everything listed below, but don't just throw it in the bin! Read on...

1. Blankets  / 2. Diapers, medicine, grooming products, etc. / 3. Outfits put together on hangers / 4. Socks and shoes / 5. Snacks, drinks, oatmeal, etc. in case where you are staying doesn't have kid-friendly breakfasts / 6. Pillow, stuffed animals, etc.

There's also that black bag that is full of books and toys for the trip. That was actually put into J's back pack later, but I coudn't find it at the time this picure was taken. :)

Pack the blankets, nicely folded up, on bottom. Put all diaper supplies on one side and fill in the gaps with the lotions, medicine, etc... Then layer on the food.

Next, fold the clothes in half and place nicely on the other half of the bin. Add any PJs or extra shirts on top.

If you're only packing for 2-4 days, you should have room to stuff a little pillow on top. :)
(made by my mom, the infamous "PamPam")

For some extra fun before you pack-

I bought the bin at Walmart, but can't find a link to it online. Using an Elmer's Painters White Marker, I traced over a couple of cute drawings found online and in Microsoft Clipart. Print out the cartoon or writing you like, place it inside of the bin, and trace! So easy!!! The other side of the bin says J's full name and the top has a really big "J" on it.

Toys for the road, a homemade blankie, a hat, and the pack-and-play-- Ready to go!


Bocci's Italian Restaurant {Blogger Dinner & Shutterfly Giveaway}

Hi! How is December going for you so far? We had so much fun this past weekend! We spent every day/night in downtown Charleston and there are still so many things I want to go back for. :) Many many #cardworthy moments.

On Sunday I ended the downtown fun with a night out at Boccis Italian Restaurant to eat dinner with fellow Charleston bloggers. It was all sponsored by Shutterfly and hosted by Wee Share and everyone had such a good time!

If you skip to the bottom, the $50 Shutterfly Gift Card giveaway has been extended for a few more days! You can enter to win it on this post or my previous Shutterfly post.

Now on to that amazing food... We ate a 3 course meal and dessert. We were all served seriously good fried cheese wedges and Caesar salads. The entree was each's choice and I had the chicken and mashed potatoes. As you'll see in the pictures, the entree is anything but amazing looking BUT that gravy/sauce on top of it was VERY good. It made the dish!

Bocci's itself had such an antique, intimate atmosphere. Somewhere I would definitely like to go on a night out with the husband sometime. :)

We were able to view so many different types of Shutterfly products. And I'm really glad that I found time to poke around their family photo site prior to the event. Shutterfly has a really great ad campaign going on right now, encouraging families to use more informal pictures in their Holiday cards. Just get out and take pictures and who knows what #cardworthy moments you might come across! :)

To enter the giveaway...

Since I failed to get a good group photo
AND who doesn't like the chance to enter a giveaway multiple times....
Hop on over to the other bloggers' sites for a chance to enter the giveaway 8 times!!!! 

Good Luck,

Bocci's Italian on Urbanspoon
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